Nutritional Supplementation and Chiropractic

Dr. Jameson is proud to partner with Standard Process to bring his patients the finest in organic, whole food supplementation to aid in the tremendous healing found in chiropractic care. Let's face it, our world is nutritionally weak. We attempt to live on processed foods, fast foods, sugar, and coffee. Our daily American diet is atrocious- and people wonder why our country is so sick! You are what you eat - and we as a society are eating terribly. So what do you do? It's simple - you seek a wellness care practitioner who focuses on the importance of health structure, posture, nutrition, spirit, and mental/emotional health. It takes a tremendous amount of work to be healthy - it just doesn't happen by chance. Ask Dr. Jameson for a System Survey form to begin the process of determining how he can help you through life enhancing chiropractic care combined with nutritional supplementation.

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Purification Programs

Many of my patients come in with symptoms of toxicity that are impacting their wellbeing. In fact many spinal problems are not just "bones out of alignment" but actually a complex distortion in wellness due to nutritional weaknesses, emotional stress, and overall body toxicity. Dr. Jameson offers the Standard Process Purification Program to those people who want to radically seek wellness. It is a 21 day program that offers a complete kit to restore your body back to wellness. Each kit contains the Standard Process Cleanse (20 whole food and botanical ingredients to rid your body of toxic wastes), the SP Complete (all of your daily nutritional essentials including amino acids, fats, vitamins, antioxidants, whey proteins, minerals and trace minerals), Whole Food Fiber, SP Green Food, and a program guide. Contact Dr. Jameson at 510-582-5454 or by email for more information.

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